Mediation Services

BySherry Hopkins

Mediation Services

In this process, a trained and objective third party assists you resolve conflict by facilitating communication, clarifying issues, and exploring solutions.  Solutions are often developed faster than traditional methods of dealing with difficult issues and far less expensive than litigation or other approaches to dispute resolution.  The end product is a comprehensive written agreement that can be turned into a legally binding document (e.g. court order, contract, etc.).

Advantages of mediation include:

¨     reduced stress

¨     Improves the overall functioning of relationships

¨     increases the probability of compliance with solutions

¨     Learn new skills to resolve future conflict

¨     Saves time and money

¨     Improves communication between the parties

Types of conflict that may benefit from this approach are:

¨     ¨ Workplace Issues

¨     ¨ Parent/Teen Issues

¨     ¨ Business/Consumer disputes

¨     ¨ Harassment Complaints

¨     ¨ Landlord/Tenant Disputes

¨     ¨ Marital Breakdown (e.g. terms of separation/divorce, financial settlement and custody/access)

Some people believe that mediation is not possible, or advisable, if there is a high degree of conflict associated with the dispute.  In fact, mediation is designed for this very purpose…to provide a safe, objective and neutral environment to help you develop solutions that work for everyone. And there are lots of ways to get to solutions.

Call us today and let us show you how mediation can work for you!

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