Parenting after Separation

“Parenting After Separation” is a three-hour information session for parents, sponsored by the Ministry of Justice. Its purpose is to help parents make informed choices about their separation which take into account the best interests of their children. The session is led by facilitators who are experienced in helping families through this difficult time.

What you will learn at the session:

Family sitting in hammock

  • The impact of separation on you and your children
  • Strategies on how to help your family adjust to change
  • Effective ways you and your children’s other parent can communicate
  • How to keep your children out of the middle of conflict
  • Options for resolving family disputes, including mediation, counselling and the court process
  • How the child support guidelines are applied
  • Resources in the community for parents and children
Who attends “Parenting after Separation” and when?

Parenting After Separation is available to all adults who are dealing with issues of guardianship, parental responsibilities, parenting time, contact with a child and/or support. The sessions are available at various times. Specific information for your community is available upon registration.

If both parents are registered, they will attend separate Parenting After Separation sessions.

In some communities in British Columbia parents must attend a Parenting After Separation session before going to court on matters such as guardianship, parenting arrangements (including parental responsibilities, parenting time), contact with a child and/or support. This also includes changing an existing order for these matters. Your record of attendance expires after 24 months. The court registry in which you file your application can inform you if attendance is mandatory.

Legal advice is not provided at the information session.

Abbotsford Session       Dates/Times

Port Coquitlam Session Dates/Times
January 16, 2019 6PM – 9PM January 8, 2019 6PM – 9PM
February 13, 2019 9AM – 12PM February 5, 2019 6PM – 9PM
March 6, 2019 6PM – 9PM February 19, 2019 9AM – 12PM
March 20, 2019 6PM – 9PM March 5, 2019 6PM – 9PM
March 19, 2019 6PM = 9PM

 To register, please complete the form below. Please note, participants will be booked in the first available session unless you request a different session date. Please put the requested date in the comments field. We will confirm your registration by phone or email prior to the preferred session.