Supervised Visitation Services

Supervised visitation may be court ordered or required by either party due to safety or other concerns.  At Oakhill, we believe children thrive best when all caregivers are happy and healthy and have a strong, positive connection to the child.

As a result, we provide professional, safe and inclusive supervised visitation services that foster a positive connection between the child and caregiver in a kid friendly environment. We have playrooms that have several different types of toys and activities that will benefit both adult and child. Our staff are qualified and professional and will ensure the safety of all parties throughout the visit.  Oakhill can also provide a therapist to oversee and/or teach life skills regarding parenting if requested.

Reports of the visitation will be provided upon request. An additional fee for reports will apply.

Call the office today or complete the intake form and see how you can experience the Oakhill Advantage to your benefit.