Shelina Sayani, LLB (Hons)

img_0433Shelina is trained and certified as a Family Mediator and Collaborative lawyer. She is committed to helping families resolve disputes in a calm, clear and respectful manner, keeping the needs of their children first and foremost. Shelina has been a family mediator for over 12 years. She believes that mediation is a process that allows parties to resolve family separation and breakdown issues, such as working out parenting plans, guardianship, allocation of rights and responsibilities, child and spousal support and asset and/or property division fairly and respectfully.

Shelina’s mediation practice focuses on helping parties work through the underlying emotional issues, and helping them build and create solutions that work best for them and enables them to move forward positively.

She focuses on helping families restructure their parenting and finances in a manner that is cost-effective, efficient and constructive.

Shelina establishes ground rules for respectful communication and creates a safe and confidential environment where the parties begin to work on identifying the issues, exploring ideas and options and creating customized solutions.

Shelina’s practice focuses on helping parties keep the lines of communication open or assisting the parties in re-establishing positive and healthy communication in situations where trust and communication have broken down. Shelina is committed to helping the parties find positive ways to move forward, which is invaluable and essential when there are children involved. Shelina will help build in effective communication strategies when necessary.

Shelina also draws on her extensive training in all areas of family law and alternate dispute relation training to customize solutions that work for each individual family in reaching a negotiated settlement through mediation.

Shelina is accredited as Family Mediator through the Law Society of British Columbia. She is also a member of the BC Collaborative Roster Society, the BC Parenting Coordinator Roster Society and Mediate BC.