Skills for Living Well by Dr. Martin Phillips-Hing

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Skills for Living Well by Dr. Martin Phillips-Hing

The Skills for Living Well Group is an 8-hour group presented by Dr. Martin Phillips-Hing over four sessions (2 hours/session).  It uses powerpoint, music and other videos, quotes, analogies, stories and humour to present the material in a engaging way.   It has been presented over 100 times to approximately 1000 participants and has received excellent reviews.  The facilitator, Dr. Martin Phillips-Hing has been a psychologist for 19 years and has run groups for the past 9 years.

The next group runs on October October 28, November 4, 18 and 25 from 9:30AM to 11:30AM.

What you will learn:

  • Learn about Positive psychology and how it can help to increase your happiness. Also learn the difference between pleasure and contentment
  • Learn how to live a more balanced life
  • Learn the effective use of time-outs when emotionally overwhelmed and how to respond to situations more reasonably
  • Learn the principles of Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (the most researched psychotherapy available) and how our thoughts influence our emotions and behaviours
  • Learn the difference between shame and guilt. Also, how to tell healthy guilt from irrational guilt
  • Learn a very useful tool to effectively scale emotions down in order to discuss issues more constructively
  • Learn to better understand your emotions. How they operate, including the physiological basis of the stress response.  Learning how we use fight, flight, freeze, faint & posture to protect ourselves.
  • Learn to effectively cope with stress
  • Learn how to constructively grieve the losses we experience in life. Not just death, but losses related to relationships, health, work, finances, dreams, etc.
  • Learn how to tell the difference between depression and grief
  • Learn how not to take things personally and to generate compassion for those that hurt you
  • Learn how to become more Mindful and keep your mind more focused on the present, rather than wallow in the past or worry excessively about the future. You will learn how this can drastically reduce anxiety
  • Learn how to have greater self-acceptance
  • Learn the principle of Choice and how it can help you to take more responsibility for your life and also feel a greater sense of power and liberation
  • Learn how to become more assertive when dealing with others, rather than being too passive or aggressive
  • How to set healthy interpersonal boundaries in relationships with others
  • Learn the difference between being co-dependent vs. inter-dependent
  • Learn tools to improve relationships. Specifically, now to assess the health of any relationship you are in and how to improve it

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