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Resolve conflicts and disputes amicably through our expert Metro Vancouver mediation services. Our skilled mediators provide a neutral and supportive environment to facilitate constructive communication and collaborative problem-solving. Discover efficient and effective resolutions, promoting harmony and understanding for all parties involved.

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At Oakhill, we put families first. As professionals, we put all of our energy into helping families find solutions that work for all parties. We believe that conflict can be healthy and that the mediation process can be a healing process. Traditional legal processes have tended to be adversarial however today there are multiple options available to families to discuss the issues at hand and make collaborative decisions.

In the mediation process, our trained and objective mediators will assist you and the other party to resolve conflict by facilitating communication, clarifying issues, and exploring solutions.  Solutions are often developed faster than traditional methods of dealing with difficult issues and far less expensive than litigation or other approaches to dispute resolution.  The end product is a an agreement that can be reviewed by independent legal counsel and eventually filed with the court if necessary.

We also have over 30 trained helping professionals with a minimum of a Master’s Degree in counselling, psychology or social work who have extensive experience working with families and the challenges they face in a separation process. Our goal at Oakhill is to provide a platform where all the parties can begin to heal and move forward in a positive and rejuvenated way.

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At Oakhill Counselling & Mediation Services, we stand out for our commitment to your convenience and comfort. We offer flexible appointment options, including in-person in Chilliwack, Abbotsford, Maple Ridge, or Langley, telephone, and video sessions, to accommodate your busy schedule and personal preferences. Our diverse team of therapists represents various cultural backgrounds and speaks multiple languages, ensuring that we have someone who can understand and support you on your unique journey.

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